Community Programs

Free Throw Competition

January 4th – 8:00 to 10:00 AM – OMPH School Gym

This events is open to students age 10 to 14. They will shoot 15 foul shots, and the winner of each age group advances to the District competition.

Brothers! Contact Ben Hoover at 717-808-1115 if you can help.

Sympathy / Shut Ins

A “Helping Hands” Program

When a Brother or the Family of a Brother has a sickness or death in the family, our Council, at minimum, sends a get well card or card of condolence.

Our Council reaches out to our Shut In Brothers with a visit or help in various ways when needed.

If you know of a Brother or Family in need, or you would like to serve on this committee, which is a Program with its roots in the founding of the Knights of Columbus, contact chairman Dave Hugenbruch at 610-750-4749.

Widow Services

A “Helping Hands” Program

Father McGivney founded the Knights of Columbus to help the widows and children of our fallen Brothers. The Widow Services committee is one way we uphold our Founders vision.

In our Family Programs, you will find the information on our two visits to our Widows each year at Easter and Christmas.

In addition, we help our Widows with help at their house or apartment with yard work, moving items, etc. We respond to their requests for assistance and invite them to our events.

If you know of a Widow in need, please contact our chairman Ed Pohl at 717-824-5800.

Food Collection / Benevolent Society

A “Helping Hands” Program

Our Councils assists the OMPH Food Bank, which is part of the Benevolent Society, in two ways. First, we collect food to be donated at many of our social events, which is our “Food For Families” program. Second, several Brother Knights volunteer at the food bank in processing and distribution.

If you would like to volunteer at the food bank, find the information on the OMPH Church Bulletin, or contact Dave Hugenbruch at 610-750-4749.

Chess Club

Knights of Columbus Council 4191 will once again sponsor the chess team that will participate in the Lancaster Friendship League, the IU-13 Elementary and Middle School tournament and the PA Chess tournamenty. Practices are Wednesdays from 3:00 – 5:00 PM from November through February. The club is open to grade 4-8 students of any experience level. Children do not need to know how to play Chess to join! For more information, contact Jere Cassidy at 717-690-4755 or

Social Media, PR and Communication

Social Media: Our web site is administered by Scott Harper and Jere Cassidy. Our Facebook group is administered by Matt Auker.

Pubic Relations: We always put items in the OMPH Church Bulletin, and when appropriate, we will put articles in the local news papers.

Communication: In addition to above, we have a Brothers email list administered by Jere Cassidy and Matt Auker. If you are a Brother Knight and are not receiving emails from us, please contact Jere or Matt to add you to our list.

Soccer Challenge

Returning in September of 2020

1:30 Set Up, Challenge from 2:00 to 4:00
The event will take place at the Cocalico School District
soccer fields across the street from the High School.
Help is needed for set up and scoring.

This is a competition designed for players to demonstrate the most basic of soccer skills – the penalty kick.

The goal will be divided into a series of 5 scoring zones. 20 points for hitting the upper corners, 10 points for the lowers corners, and 5 points for the rest.

The event is open to all boys and girls, age 6-14, living within the Ephrata and Cocalico School Districts. If you have any questions, contact Dan Hogan at or 717-201-3805.

REGISTRATION: Participant registration will be on site the day of the challenge at 1:30. Your help is needed!

Poinsettia Delivery to our Widows

Saturday in December of 2020

Meet at Gus’s Diner (behind Wendy’s) at 8:00 for breakfast. We will then divide into groups and visit the Widows’ home to deliver the flowers and spend some time with them if they are home. Contact Mark Janke at 336-5796 if you have any questions. If you have never done this before, consider it this year. It is a great way to honor our departed Brothers and tell the Widows how special they are to us.