Knights of Columbus 4191

Join the 4th Degree
Become a Sir Knight

Any Third Degree Knight is eligible to take his 4th Degree after he has taken his Admission Degree of Charity, Unity and Fraternity. If you are a member of a Council in Lancaster County, you will join the Santa Maria Assembly after you have taken your 4th Degree. An application for membership in the 4th Degree can be obtained from any of the Council contacts listed below.

The 4th Degree is exemplified each year in the fall. The information for the Degree will be posted on the Assembly Events page sometime in the summer.

These Councils are Part of the Santa Maria Assembly

Interested in Becoming a Sir Knight?
Contact Your Council Representative Today.

Council 867 – Jim Carr at 717-250-0220

Council 2294 – Joe Nickolaus at 717-684-2454

Council 4191 – Scott Harper at 717-201-1551 or

Council 6810 – Howard Pryor at 717-285-1948

Council 9164 – Mike Urbanik at 717-989-0060 or

Council 10827 – Jim Smith at 717-989-1867

Council 12532 – John Radicone at 717-886-8818

Council 13451 – Don Trout at 717-656-7735

Council 12532 – John Radicone at 717-886-8818

Council 14524 – Jim Kline at 665-1333 (3rd Degree Member)

Council 14527 – Angel Sanchez at 717-989-5490

Council 14786 – Jim Seibert at 717-413-8778 or

Council 15028 – Gregory Martin at 717-361-7712 or

Council 17028 – Bob Ziemba at 717-330-5512